YouTuber Review: EnglishAnyone

Score: 2.5/5

Key points:

  1. The best way to learn English is to learn like a native speaker, which involves following a relaxed, enjoyable, conversational method of learning.


  • This demonstrates a good way to learn new vocabulary and review old vocabulary in a natural way. Students will hear many words, throughout the lesson, many of which are natural expressions used by native speakers.
  • This method could be used as a direct study tool (e.g. for designated “study” time), but also as an indirect study method (e.g. while driving or grocery shopping).
  • The speaker’s voice is extremely clear. He has excellent pronunciation. This is a great North American accent to practice with.


  • A student will not improve their speaking ability if they do not practice speaking. This method might work if the student has the opportunity to produce language. Otherwise, they are simply practicing their listening comprehension (and reading) skills. Therefore, I find the title of this video somewhat misleading.
  • A good dose of stress is a healthy part of learning. Stress can improve memory and learning. According to Cornell University neuroscientist Connor Liston, short bursts of the stress hormone cortisol can increase the brain’s openness to learning. If the learning environment is too relaxed, learning is limited.

How should I apply this?

If the goal is to learn in a fun, relaxed, conversational way, it’s important that the student also practices producing the language. This can be done with a study buddy, friend or language exchange partner as outlined below:

  1. Use a resource (textbook or website) that can give definitions of words. In today’s modern world, you don’t need an expert to explain the meaning of words.
  2. Read the word and example sentences.
  3. Take turns to ask each other a question using the word in context.

I would recommend this strategy as a secondary method to reviewing and practicing English. However, I would not consider it an effective primary strategy for most students, unless their learning goals are mostly focused on review.

As always, it is important to consider your specific learning goals when considering the use of any method or strategy.