YouTuber Review: Kevin英文不難

Score: 4/5

Summary: Tips to memorize vocabulary more efficiently.

Key Points:

  1. It’s easier to remember words by remembering them with collocations.
  2. Useful websites to support vocabulary learning are:
  3. The resources can be used to see (and learn) common collocations, the frequency of words, example sentences, correct pronunciation and more.


  • Learning words with their collocations can be a great way to make language learning more efficient.
  • The resources listed above are extremely powerful and allow learners to get access to useful information without the need of an expensive textbook or tutor.
  • Kevin is extremely clear in his delivery of information – he even includes a little activity at the end. This guy really knows his stuff!


  • Following this method may result in learning many low-frequency words. Remember, there are around 170K words in English, but generally speaking, a C2 level or native level speaker only needs to know around 10,000 words actively and 20,000 words passively.
  • Learners should be careful about how they use the resources listed above. They provide great information, but they must be used the right way to be an effective study resource.
  • This video doesn’t address how to actually study and remember the words effectively.

How can I apply what I’ve learned?

  • Create a learning plan that considers your personal learning context, such as your goals for learning the language. If this method aligns with your learning goals, then the advice is suitable for you.
  • Use a suitable vocabulary memorization method with this strategy.